Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My boss calls it a day in the life of an RA....I call bullshit!!!

I have a love hate relationship with my current job.  I am an advocate for a domestic violence shelter and I love that.  I love that I can help women everyday.  I can inspire them to get better and succeed and do what ever the hell they want.  Don't let anyone, man or woman, ever tell you that you cannot be whatever because you can if you think you can. 

Now the hate part is that they keep screwing with my hours and times.  I started out as an advocate on the 4-12 (make it or break it) shift.  This is the shift that if it was brewing to happen, then it is going to happen and it will be on this shift.  I loved that shift.  I like being the one that they come to if they need to talk.  I like to be the one that breaks up the fights.  I like that all of the kids love me and know me b name.  I have ladies that only feel comfortable talking to me about stuff.  Stuff that, by the way, I cannot possibly make up.  They are crazy sometimes.  I have to call the cops more times than I can count.  They have moved me to the midnight to 8am shift.  Wanna know what happens on that shift?  NOT A MUTHA FUCKIN THING!!!!!!!!!  Nothing.  They sleep, snore, sleep, pee, and sleep some more....I hate this shift.  I hate it enough that I am looking for a new job.  I guess I am also looking for a new career.  I do not want to be overnight.  I want my hours back.  I didn't ask to go overnight.  Wasn't my fault that the other girl that works overnight and doesn't have any kids and just moved in with her boyfriend/roommates doesn't want to work it anymore.  I did my job and I did it well.  Well enough that the house ran smoothly and no one ever complained about it being dirty or stinky.  They do now.  Now that you have taken me off that shift.  Me with 2 years experience in this field and replaced me with a girl that "doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings" so she doesn't ask them to do anything.  If they don't do it then she just leaves it. 

*shakes head*

No sweetie, see if they don't do it, YOU have to. (period)  The house has to be clean and if they say nope not doing it all week and you can't find someone else that will, You have to do it! 

I may just be tired from having a family, working overnight, and cleaning, but if my husband had a job I would just quit.  I have had enough with them.  No wonder they can't keep anyone.  Night....

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