Monday, December 7, 2015

The other "GIRL"

So I just wanted to start out by saying hello, I am a 35 year old woman, that hasn’t lived under the same roof as her parents for about 15+ years.  Now with that out of the way let me clear the air a little bit…

I am not the person that you want to come up to and give a command.  For instance,  you need to not speak to *** because *** isn’t right for you.  ß that right there will make me have *** become my BFF forEVER!!!  Just so you know.  My mom is quite demanding when it come to me, or better yet when it comes to her “sons” that aren’t really hers.  So my step brother decided a long while ago that he was going to do the “manly” thing and marry the girl that he got pregnant.  Well I thought that was the wrong choice but he thought better of it and married her and they had a cute little family, whom I adore.  Those girls are my nieces by every since of the word except by blood.  I love those girls and would gladly take them in if anything were to ever happen to their parents.  Well my “brother” screwed up and cheated on his now wife with a girl that he went to school with.  His wife the whole time being faithful.  

With that being said she did have a problem and was very sexual torwards everyone that she knew.  She would grab your boobs, slap your ass, lick your face, and so on and so on.  He, for some reason, felt the need to start seeing another ‘Girl’ while still married and living together.  I just want to make sure that we all know that he was in the wrong here because it will relate to the rest of the story…

He left eventually for the new ‘Girl’.  She was not and is not a woman because a woman would never steal another woman’s man.   He filed for divorce and moved back home to my mom’s and his dad’s, still seeing this ‘girl’ on the sly…or so he thought.   He received his divorce with a few stipulations…these are the one’s that I know about…

1. The girls cannot be around any felons that they know of…(that means if one of them are going to a function and knowingly bring the girls that is a no-no)

2. Both have to wait at least 12 months to move in with a person of  interest…(The ‘girl’ that he was cheating with cannot live with him for at least 12 months after the divorce)

Those are the 2 major ones that we are going to focus on here…

1. Felons- He has took those girls around felons from day one and the ex didn’t know about it.  **shame shame*  See his whole family is a giant felony record, especially his brother who cannot stay out of jail for longer than 6 months.  ** I am taking bets BTW of how long this stay is going to be if anyone wants in**

2. Live ins-Oh I know that she was “staying in your room with you every night from day one.  Ex knows this too.  Just a friendly FYI ;)

I don’t ‘feed’ anyone information and they day you start to accuse me of it is the day I will start.  I don’t play.  I may be the “step-sister” of the “man” but I will be damned if you speak my name as a lie!!!  If I wanted to tell anyone anything you can bet your FLAT ASS that I would!  I don’t like you nor will I ever like you!  You to me are and adulterer and will always be no matter if you marry him or not!  You have a question ask me!  Don’t whisper it behind my back and then get me and my mother into an argument in the department store because of it!  I am a grown woman with my own thought and wants and doings do not EVER  think that you are big enough to tell me who I can speak with.  Bitch please!!!

NOTE:  If you think this is about you then it probably is....

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Raise your kids so the government doesn't have to

So I am just going to start this off by saying that I am probably going to piss quite a few people off.  Sorry that you are so easily upset and maybe you should unfriend or unfollow me because I speak my mind quite often.

Now that that is out of our way…What the fuck is wrong with people now days?  I mean seriously?!  Everyone is getting all butt hurt because of all the chaos of police shootings and the black/white/brown/unicorn lives matter that no one is stopping to think why this is all happening!

When was the last time that you saw a child in the store throwing a fit?  Doesn’t matter the race of the child or the parent, just think about the child.  I would say that most of you said somewhere within this last week, right?  Now, what did that parent do?  Did they grab that child and take them to the bathroom?  Did they whisper in the child’s ear?  Did they yell at that child?  Did they spank that child right there in front of everyone?  Bet they didn’t.  I bet that that parent looked at that child screaming and yelling and throwing a fit, and then ignored them.  I bet that the parent walked out of the store with the child following still yelling and screaming.  I can almost guarantee that even in a few of those cases that child got whatever it was they were screaming and fighting for. 

That folks is what is wrong with America today.  People have forgotten how to discipline their kids.  Maybe they are scared to discipline because of someone saying those three dreaded letters…CPS.  Whatever the reason may be, I have learned that the generation today doesn’t respect anyone or anyting because their parents have taught them that.  Now I know that I am going to have someone argue that it’s only the white kids that have no respect.  Nope not true because even though my kids are 17 and 14 you can bet your shiny ass that if I learn of them being disrespectful of ANYONE I will still bust their asses.  Well you say that it’s only black kids.  Nope I can prove you wrong there too.  I have several black friends that will lay a smack down on their kids in a heartbeat.  Well you say I see Hispanic kids all the time being hell on wheels.  No that is also not true because just like before I have seen my friends bring them close and whisper in Spanish, “Wait until we get in the car.”  With a smile on their face, or they just spank them right there. 

Your race has nothing to do with how you act in public or at home for that matter.  Your race has nothing to do with if you are going to respect someone.  Your race has nothing to do with how you are going to treat each other or that person of authority.  You have everything to do with that.  You and the way that you raise your kids has all the matter in the world on how you are. 

You know I am not always the nicest person in the world and unless you have been on the wrong end of me or just been near me when someone else has been you would never know it.  My mom raised me to treat everyone with respect and dignity.  I could care less who you are or where you are from,  I don’t care what the color of your skin is or if you are the CEO of a company.  If you treat me like a human being that has a heartbeat, then I will treat you that same.  You all know that I worked at a shelter and those girls can tell you that I would treat them all with the same respect as they would treat me.  We had all walks of life come in there from those that were homeless straight off the street to a lady that her husband owned a bank branch and she was running from a millionaire and she knew that he wouldn’t find her there.  Do you know that the lady had the nastiest attitude because even though she was living under “shelter” roof she still thought that we were her servants. 

Look the point is raise your kids.  Don’t let your kids raise themselves.  You let them run around and you never discipline them then what do you expect?  When they become adults and run from the police like they ran from you in Wal-mart or fight the police like they fought you when you told them they couldn’t have something, the police are not going to let them get away with it like you did.  You cannot blame the police for taking action when it was your choice to let them raise themselves.  Yes, I know that there are a few bad cops out there but what I am seeing here lately is just flat out folks not knowing how to be decent humans.

You have my permission to share if you feel the need or we can talk about this.  I know that people are going to disagree with me but I don’t care because my kids know right from wrong and I will not be responsible for raising yours too and neither should our government.