Monday, February 25, 2013

Dog Shaming?

Bad Boy!

Ok so if you follow me on Facebook you will know that I have posted a photo of my dog when we got home.   I had never heard of dog shaming before like 2 weeks ago and I have been itching to get just on photo of one of my dogs so I could shame them...(does that make me a bad dog parent).   Eh I don't care because it is freaking hilarious!!!!  I am now in love with it and cannot wait until the next time, and there will be a next time.  I have several things that they could be shamed for like when Riley ate my Panties.  Yep I have to hid them!  He will go into the laundry hamper and eat them, I mean eat there are no pieces left for evidence just a hole in the it wrong that we hang them around his neck when he does it?  Cause when I see it I am so pissed it is the only thing I can do at the moment.  Then he acts like I am doing it for no reason and walks around like I should feel bad for him because he has a pair of stinking panties around his neck...PFFT!!!!  You, mister, shouldn't have been eating on them!

I am running low on panties...

I guess all animals do strange things...Both of my dogs will eat the cat poop faster than she can shit it out.   That is uberly gross, and whoever said dogs mouths were cleaner than our must have never seen some of the stuff that they eat.

Well that is all I know about this.  If it happens again I will surely post about it!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Current Events...

Ok so this whole blog is going to be on current events and such....

My son was a cubscout that opted out of being a boyscout and I am a little glad now that he did.  Things in the scouts are very not as they seem...the leaders were always fighting with each other or the parents and the kids were always brought into the middle of it, but the current situation with the boyscouts are outraging me!  How dare you as a government be able to tell someone that they cannot be a 'LEADER' to others because he is gay!

 Or to tell a boy that they cannot be in scouts because they are gay!  WTF are you thinking?!  I have my own opinions about gays and lesbians.  I don't want my kids to be but (don't tell them) I would love them no different if they were and I sure as hell don't want you or anyone else to tell them that they can't do something!  That would make me and most of you try to do it harder just to piss *said person* off more! 

Pack 39

Now on to the next one...

I am Pro-choice.  That being said, I still don't believe that I would be able to abort a child unless it is going to cause me harm.  I don't wish for you to try and change my mind on it because all that will get you is a finger in the face and a big FUCK YOU!  I believe that we as women have a choice in what we want to do with our bodies.  It isn't your choice, nor is it our 'big brother's' choice.  Our ancestry lady's have fought a long and hard battle for us future women to be able to have that choice.  For you to let a MAN tell you that it isn't the 'right' thing to do just pisses me off to no fucking end.  You have the choice to be pro-life just like I have the choice to be pro-choice.  I don't put it in your face, you need to not put it in mine. (I will break it off)  I know that I will lose alot of readers this way but I needed to say this. 
So now that that is out of the way let's move on shall we...
The guns....So Hello I am from Texas....Tell you anything?
I love my guns!  All of them.  They are for my and my family's protection.  If you try to break into my house you must feel really bad about yourself because I will shot to kill you!  End of story!  I understand what (again) the government is trying to do (kinda) but I don't believe that it will work. 
If you take my guns and the 'bad' guys break into my house, I have timed the police, it will take me 10-15 seconds to call the police and another 20 minutes or sometimes more for them to show up, if I have no gun. I would have been raped and then killed along with my family.
If I have guns it would take you roughly 3 minutes to break into my house, I would have had my gun ready when I heard you trying to break in, you would be dead, I would not worry how long it took the police to arrive.  See my point.  Leave my guns and my rights alone!
This next one baffles me so that I cannot even write about here > link
Ok I am done for today! 

Sporking and Gardening!

So a couple of things has been happening around the homestead....

1.  I hate the horse girl that has horses in with mine.  She sux big giant balls!  She doesn't take care of her horses.  My husband and I do.  It is so bad that Bear (14) actually asked why we are caring for her horses!  That is bad when a 14 year old notices. 
      a.  I text her to let her know things like 'Hey I am about to feed are you here this week'
           No answer....EVER!

     b.  I text her to let her know that the horses need hay.  No answer...

     c.  I text her to let her know that if I have to spend another $50 on a roll of hay for the horses
          hers will not be left in the pen to eat all of the hay that I have bought......guess what, she
          fucking responds.  'we are getting hay in a day or two so no worries.'  Bitch that is what it

 Me threatening to not give your horses hay for you to respond?!  WTF-ever at least you responded.  RIGHT? 

God she is really wearing my nerves, and no that isn't all...

2. She still owes us money for a roll of hay and the feed that we bought her horses about a month and a half ago.  I wouldn't be bringing this back up but for the fact that we went to feed all of the horses yesterday and low and behold her two horses have brand fucking new halters on!!!!  Those damn  things are like $20.00 a piece for the regular ones.  Did she get the regular ones, you ask?  FUCK NO SHE DIDN'T SHE GOT THE ONES THAT ARE REFLECTIVE IN THE DARK!!!!!!

     BITCH PAY ME MY FUCKING MONEY!!!!!!  I swear on all that is good I will spork you in the face, throw you against a dumpster, toss you into the hole in my backyard, and all the while being very humble about it!!!!!  Argghhh!!!

Ok so that is done....The other thing that has been happening on my home site is........wait for it............

I started my garden!  EEKKK I am so freakin happy about that!  Here are some pictures of it!!!!


Do you guys have any pointers on what all I can do so I don't spoil it?  That would be great seeing that I didn't take after my grandma or grandpa on that one (I didn't get the green thumb)...

I am afraid that it will turn out like.....well......

Yep ok so that is all for now!  Hope you enjoyed it....Please like my blog because sometimes I feel like I am just ranting for my own amusement and well that isn't as fun as ranting for yours.  :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Favorite Porn-Star

So I have a question for all of you...Do you have a old friend that it is just best that you two stay away from each other?

I do....I miss her......a lot.......A LOT! 

I am not allowed to talk to her because she is bad for me. 

I have known her for 20 or so years....I was there for her during her divorce and the birth of her first child....

She was there for me when my dad left.....the birth of my first child.....the maid of honor at my wedding to my husband...

And so much more....we have had wild and crazy nights and we have had heart to heart moments....I miss her....

She is not good for me.....she has grown up to be someone that doesn't have respect for me anymore....she stands me up.....puts me down......and she has had a problem with drugs and such in the not so recent past....

God I really miss her though, even if she does all that to me!  I miss having someone to talk to about all kinds of stuff...that is why I started to blog....I wish we had never fallen apart.......I wish she would have never done the stuff she has many do-overs do you give one person?

She will always be my Porn-star!  I will always love her!  And I will miss her terribly forever!


OK so lets start off by saying I am a mom, I have been for a little over 14 years. Now lets move on to this story....Grab a tissue it's a good one...

I am in the kitchen on Monday washing dishes (yes I wash dishes alot) and I have Bear(14) put on some water for a pitcher of sweet tea.  When the water starts to boil I say "Go and get the teabags....(My son (10) explodes in laughter).....What the hell is so funny?" 

He tells me "Nothing!"  :/  "Really? Then why are you laughing?"  "I don't know!" 

OK so I am like HUMMMM.........whatever kids are weird...... So I continue "Bear go and get the teabags.........( AGAIN IT HAPPENS).....What the hell Bubba?!"  

(CONTINUES DIEING LAUGHING-He is literally crying he is laughing so hard)...."Bear put them in the pot..." 

Now I am still asking what is so funny buy the word Teabag?  Which then gets laughter not only from the boy but now Bear is laughing!!  WTF is so damn funny???!!!

I go into the bedroom so I can ask Mert.  "Mert do you think it is funny when I say 'teabag'?"  "no"  "They (points to living room) won't stop laughing!"  "Well they are :/ (don't like this word) stupid"
I say "UGH"  and walk out. 


"Bear get me the bag of ice so I can fill up the pitcher."  She gets the ice and says nonchalantly "You want me to bang it on the ground?"  OMG!!!  You would have thought that that saying was the funniest thing on the planet!  He (bubba) has fallen off of the couch by now and is rolling laughing!! 

OK so I get that one, and unless your mind is already in the gutter you wouldn't find that funny, but guess what, his mind is there! 

So I have had it at this point and I tell them "Spill it! What is so funny about the word 'teabag'?  tell me NOW!"  (I don't like my kids knowing something that I don't know)

Well they don't tell me they show me.....(their version).......Bear sits on the floor and bubba takes her head and pulls it towards his (UM YEA)!  OMG!  STOP THAT!!  WTF!! 

They are dieing and I am freaking out!  I am told later by LOLO that is not what it means but hey let them believe that! 

I looked it up!  I don't want to do that!!! EVER!!!


An adult act performed by consenting republican/conservatives on each other to express their fake outrage to imaginary tax increases (most of these idiots actually just got a tax break)

During this act one republican/conservative nut job (pun intended) drops his pants in public and slowly lowers his scrotum into the eager mouth of another right wing nut lover.

Some basic Teabagging participation rules

1: Participants have to be very low income (preferably on welfare)
2: Participants have to be avid Fox News watchers (this makes certain the participants are brainwashed to the extent of being borderline retarded)
3: Participants have to be republican/conservative
On 04/15/09 (Tax Day) broke ass republicans throughout the country gathered in public and performed mass teabagging on each other for hours while complaining about some imaginary tax increases

ok Hope you enjoyed my unconfortable moment with my kids :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Charlie :(

This is just a random blog because I am a little depressed tonight. 

I really miss my horse.  He was my horse and that bastard sold him and didn't even have to balls to tell me, he had my mom do it! 

I cry almost every night because of this horse.  I love him.  I know who he sold him to but I am not able to contact her because she is a cop that has threatened me already and I just really don't want to start anything again with her.  Yes I said again, because I have started something with her before because she got snarly with me about the whole situation.  She didn't think I had any right to be upset with my mom or the bastard about selling him...

One week before he sold him to her for $350.00 he asked me if I wanted him for $650.00.  (yes this is my mothers husband)  I SAID YES I DID!  My mom told me to wait that she wouldn't let him sell the horse and she would get him to come down on the price.  Yeah OK....


I am still broken :( 
I am still hurt
I am still wanting
I am still....

I want him back
I cry nightly because of this
I can't believe that family would do this
I will never forget this
I will hurt until I find him
I am crying now...

I need to find him
I want him back
Please help me
Please! I am begging
He was my world
I love him :'(

Monday, February 11, 2013

Am I wrong?

Hey, I missed y'all!  How are my people!?  All 1 of you HAHAHA!!!

Yea, OK we need to catch up a little...

I told you about the crazy horse girl down the street last time?  Well she struck again!  Yep!  I had to feed this morning, and I text her to let her know that I was feeding.  I texted her again to let her know that I was there and ready to feed.  I called and let her know that I wanted to feed before the storm, that I could see coming, started; and that I was going to feed my horses in 5 minutes if she didn't hurry.  She never showed up!  EVER!!!  Let me back up to Friday....

Mert and I fought.  He got pissed at me for something, whatever.  So he left to go and get him something to eat at around 6:30ish.  He gets back around 8ish and asks me if Erin had called (BTW that is crazy horse girl)  Nope, she didn't, why?  He tells me that he just saw them all leave with both trucks both trailers and all 4 of the 4-wheelers.  Huh, that's odd......

About 15-20 minutes later we get the following from Crazy horse girl..."Hey we r going be gone for the weekend garage door is unlock just lift up" word for word....

WTF!!!  I am not your animals keeper!!!!

We had been feeding her horses because they are in the same pasture as mine and I didn't think it would be fair to feed mine and not hers, when she isn't here.  That being said, they have been at his mom's house for the last week and don't come out to feed still.   So they assumed that we had nothing to do this weekend (which we didn't but still) and they TOLD us to basically feed their horses!  Sorry, who in the fuck do you think that you are talking too?!?!?!?  I don't get paid to babysit your animals!   

So that being said, that is why I did what I did this morning, and didn't feed her horses.  At that time because she would not answer me I didn't know if she was at his mom's or not.  It is not my job to keep track of her horses and vice versa.  She informed my 14 year old daughter yesterday that she was not going to allow her horses to eat the hay that we buy anymore.  Oh, really, OK, well I think you may have a problem because I will make sure that my horses have hay and you will pay me if you keep your horses in there, they will be eating that hay unless you sit next to it day and night to guard it.  FUCKING DUMB ASS!!!  I believe that I am doing the right thing by not letting her take advantage of me and my husbands generosity.  Am I wrong?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fed up with BS

Ok so a little bit has happened since you have been gone.  I will start with my rant and work my way down.

Rant:  My uncles girlfriend is psycho.  No really I mean it she really is!  So my husband and I have only met this woman a couple of times.  Well when she started telling us all of every ones business we had met her once.  So Mert goes over there to finish something that he started and she comes out and starts talking to him again.  This time though it was about how J (my cousin) was trying to 'hook him up' with her husbands mom.  She then proceeded to tell MY husband that if he can date other people than she can too.  OK who in the hell cares!?  I don't and my MARRIED HUSBAND doesn't!  Why would you tell a married man that.  Mert says to me 'Meme I don't think that she is like that'  oh really?  Ok well I wasn't sure.  PFFT!  Bitch back the fuck up!  He is a married man, and if you know what is good for you, you will step the fuck off! 

Now my question for you I wrong in being pissed off about it?

Rant #2:  Ok so we have horses.  You know this.  We have them in Mert's uncles pasture down the street.  They are in there with 2 other horses that are the neighbors'.  We feed everyday M-Sun without fail morning and night without their help because they don't live here.  That isn't my rant, nope I don't care about that.  Yesterday we were on our way to go and feed, were coming out of the driveway I see a horse in the ditch!  So.....I scream "HORSE OUT!  HORSE OUT!"  Then I see her (the owner)  she has let her horses out on a lead, to eat the grain in a bucket, that she brought down, in front of my 2 horses!   This pisses me off!!!!  Why would you do that?!  You don't feed your horses in front of mine, before I make it down there.  IT'S WRONG!!!!!  We don't do that to your horses, even though your mom in law can come and help us feed, but she doesn't!  WE feed your horses every damn day, and today because we are moving slow you want to get all impatient and take your horses out and feed them.  BITCH GO HOME!  Ok rant 2 done. 

Now on to a different matter.  My sister is prego!  yay!  We are hoping and praying for a girl!  Lots of pink and stuff!  Ok well enjoy your day.......