Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Le' Sigh!

I am not quite sure that I am "normal"! 

Sure I have a family, dogs, cat, even horses, but does that mean that I am "normal"?

Me like most people wonder stuff.  Kids wonder stuff like 'Why is the sky blue' and 'why is the grass green' but as adults we know the answer to those questions.  I wonder more strange things like is there really life out there?  Do we really go to Heaven or Hell?  Even stuff like why on earth do we as humans have eyebrows?

Do you know any of the answers to those questions?  I mean really know the answer not just what you were told.  I mean really think about it!  If there is life out there do you think we would know about it by now?  Do they really 'visit' us while we sleep?  Why do they wait for us to sleep, come on over why I am awake so I can see your strange ass!  Poke and prod me, Um no thanks! 

Heaven and Hell?  Who's to say that we don't just die?  What if when we die we are just really disappointed because we just stay here?  What if we don't go anywhere we just cease to exist?  I know if you believe in God you should already know the answer to this but haven't you ever doubted that this is what really happens?

What about words?  You know like languages?  Who in the hell sat there one day and said "No I will not grunt anymore when I want something!  From now on I will talk!"  "This will be a wheel and fire and rock and etc......."  Who did that?  They must have been really hated by their community being a smart ass and all! 

If you can or want to try and answer that questions please feel free to comment below!  I would love someone else's perspective on this! 

If you have a question you want answered Lets hear it!!!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013


OMG!  I really can't believe this!

My husband, who works outside for folks, was at my uncles doing some work for him today, this is what followed.

    He goes up to get the check and his lady answers the door....ok I gotta say right here that she does nothing...nothing!  He asked her if she had the check and she told him no but to come in.  She proceeded to tell him all kinds of things that were not going to go any further than me (well and you) but still she had no right to discuss these things with him.

1. She said you know how J doesn't like me?  Well it is because she is on Meth, and she knows I know.  Her sister C goes and buys it for her.  Her husband says that if she doesn't quit then he will leave her.
   A.  How do you know this?  She doesn't even talk to you!  She hates you!  She says
         II.  Well because I rode with her husband somewhere for a job and he told me all of this, out of confidence of course.
   B.  WTF.  Do you know what that word means?  OMG

2.  You know how K didn't like me?  We we are on speaking terms now and her husband is cheating on her.  Not in the house, ya know, but he leaves for days and that is when he is with other women.
   A.  K tolerates you because of her dad.  That is all nothing more.  What type of shit are you trying to start telling my HUSBAND all of this?!  That also you should have kept in confidence! 

3.  C is being kicked out our her apartment unless she can come up with $1800 dollars.  She called again a couple of days ago and now it is $2400.  I know she is spending it on Heroin again with that POS of a boyfriend that says he is a gambler.  T went and gave her the money.
   A.  Who cares it is his money to spend the way he wants.

4.  You know when (said stuff) happened to S?
    A. Yea
          II.  Well I sent her the $5000 she needed out of my pocket, and I haven't asked for it back either
   B.  Good for you.

So this is just a small portion of what was said today!  What the heck am I supposed to do with this!?  OMG help!

To Be (sick) or not to be!

Ok, so, lets just start off by saying I have been sick. I layed in bed all day yesterday sleeping sick, and I only tell you this because if you didn't know that I had been sick well the following would make no sense. 

My House is a disaster! 

I just cleaned it Wednesday! Seriously! Like it was not just an, oh sure come and look at my living room but don't go anywhere else clean, No!  It was, Oh the president wants to come to my house? Sure let me give you the grand tour, clean!  Sadly it is back to its old ways!  I believe that I may have a ghost!  I can clean the house and wake up the next morning and nobody know what happened!  Case in point!
      'Who left this half a glass of milk on the counter over night?!'
         'not me'
          'wasn't me either mom'
            'I didn't have milk'!
 Oh, Really?  it wasn't any of you? REALLY?!  Ok, well that seems Legit!  GHOST!  So we call him Marvin.  So now I say
     'Oh none of you left it out'
         'Well it must have been Marvin' 

Onto other news....Honestly there isn't other news.....Oh there is!  Me and the MIL are talking, AGAIN!  The BIL or the SIL still haven't tried and Honestly I don't know if I want to speak with them.  I know you are going WTF is she talking about!  Ok well I guess I will recap

     Me and the in laws, specifically the MIL, BIL, and SIL get into arguments quite often about random stuff.  The last one was about my daughter and a blog that I had up but is now taken down.   My MIL was very rude to my daughter one day.  I blogged about it and was hit with a brick, not literally but by email.  Now if you have read all of my blogs you will notice that I don't use names so if I did mention you in one of my blogs it isn't like anyone will know that I am speaking about you.  They asked me not to "pull them into our fights" and then blocked me from their Face book pages!  I didn't say your Name **** ****!  Even if I had come on it isn't like anyone reads this anyways, right!  So just to say they haven't spoken to me since before Memorial day last year!  WOOHOO!!! Like I could care!  I do have to say though I have been losing less hair now!

Sorry I am a little spazzy, I jump around alot!  Try and keep up it might get interesting!

Back to the house....I am going on strike!  I am playing sick now...maybe for the rest of the week, I don't know yet.  I just don't think that if I clean all day on one day you should be able to destroy it on another!

Ok well stay out of trouble and don't let the Zombies get you!  Peace out!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Good morning PMS'er

Have you ever woke up and known that today was gonna be the day that nothing was going to go right?  Well guess what today was! Today was that day!

I woke up to Mert being a pissy bitch in the living room about god knows what.  He does that every now and then I usually just stay away from him. Ya know it is kinda like when us lady's are having a PMS moment. So I go in there to make my coffee and notice that he has taken it upon himself to take out the sausage and eggs so that I would see them. Okay well I guess I will make breakfast since you don't know how and the kids sure as hell are NOT going to do it!  Bamm! Breakfast is making, sausage is done and on the plate, I am trying to do the eggs and butter the toast and wash the dishes and he thinks that he is just going to waltz over here and steal a sausage. His hands I notice are empty so I am thinking 'Where in the fuck did he put it!' then I notice it, he has a stain in his pants that wasn't there earlier. That MF'er he put it in his pocket!!!  OMG!!!  Take that shit out of your pocket and put it on the damn plate!!! Geez!

So I thought hell no I am not putting up with him today; I will go and clean my grandma's house (she is very sick and is unable to clean anymore so I do it for her).  I gather everything that I am going to need to do my job and I go to leave and bubba comes running out of the door yelling "Grandma doesn't wanna mess with cleaning today, but she says that you can still come over."  sigh Great!  I think 'ya know what I am gonna act like I didn't get the message and go over there to clean.'  Nope she meets me at the door as I get there and tells me that she doesn't wanna do that today and lets just have a visit.  3 1/2 hours later I leave and head home...Wow my day was boring! 

Did you see my post from yesterday? Now that shit was funny!

Bye Y'all

Mass Murderer, Zombies, or a Vampire!?

Ok well nothing has really happened here lately..Ok well the following did!

So last night me and Bear were home alone. I was REALLY bored and I happened to look out the window and I think I saw a shadow in the yard. I asked her "Hey is the door locked I think I just saw a person walk across the yard". She said "Nooo?" and I said "yea."   So she goes and locks the door. Then I say "Is the back door locked?" and she goes and locks the back door. This is what happened next... I SWEAR THIS IS A TRUE STORY!!!

I said "Oh gawd, what if they try and break in and they have a gun, then what!? Oh I know the dogs will get them, SHIT!  But they might shoot the dogs, damn than what?! Oh, OH, maybe grandma (MIL) will hear them shoot, and she will come and shoot at them! What if they shoot grandma!? Well, maybe they would have called 911 by then. We will still be dead by the time the cops show up though! DAMN!!

OH, OH, What if it is zombies!? OH I know we can sic the dogs on them and run out the back door. Oh Shit, what if they have us surrounded!?"  So Bear says "I have a baseball bat mom!"   "Okay! Good we can knock off their heads if they come after us. But we will have to leave the dogs behind because if they are bitten they become zombie dogs and zombie dogs are stupid! They will eat anything!  

Wait ya know if it is a vampire we are safe!"   Bear says "WHY!"   "Well because they can't get us if we stay in here because you have to invite a vampire in!"   PROBLEM SOLVED! 

(Update) I was told last night that I would still be screwed if it was a vampire because most vamps are HAWT and I would have been overcome with their HAWT-ness and invited them in........DAMN!

Now I swear that this really happened and when I told my husband about it he asked me if I was drunk or if I had been drinking.  Of Course I had not been drinking! DAMN!  But I really did see something!  I am still alive though :)  Have a great day y'all!  <3 all of you dearly!

Friday, January 18, 2013


Oh hey, I decided that instead of washing clothes or cleaning my house I would sit on my ass and write to all of you out there in www land. 

So let me just say that I am thinking about getting my daughter a Chasity belt.  She, as far as I know, isn't having sex yet, but I would rather do that now than raise my daughter baby while she finishes high school and college.  There will be some judging me saying "Well if you do this or do that your just telling her it is ok as long as________" No that is not what I am doing at all.  I am simply taking in the fact that children, and that is what they are until oh I don't know like 25, most likely won't stop in the middle of fondling each other to say "Hey do you have a condom?" Oh how do I know that you ask?  Well because I have been that child in the middle of doing my thing that went straight from the rubbing and touching to the sex and a condom never crossed my mind.  Hence why I had a baby when I was 17 and dropped out of high school!  Come on get real, I mean seriously, how many times during high school did you have sex?  Ok now how many of those times did you stop right before and say hummm...maybe we should stop right here and put on protection.  Yeah not very many!  All I am saying is wouldn't you rather have your daughter or boyfriends girlfriend on some type of birth control so you are 99.999% sure that you won't have a grandchild until they are happily married and living on their own and supporting themselves?  I know I sure as hell would.  I think it would be great when they finally figure out how to do a BC for guys too that way it will be 100% effective for both parties involved in the sex!  How great that would be.  Then it wouldn't be the babies and diseases that we would have to worry about, just the diseases.  Yep that would be great!  

Ok I will step down from my soap box for today!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hey you guys...I have decided to start writing in my blog again so I can keep y'all entertained!  yay!  Now don't get to excited because this isn't going to be an everyday thing may not even be a weekly thing, but I am here and I am writing.

I guess since I am starting this over again I will start off by telling you a little about me and my family!  Hi I am ~M~ or better known on Facebook as Psycho Bitch :).  I have a husband whom I lovingly refer to as Mert. We have 2 kids Bear my daughter who is so very close to being 15 and my sweet sweet son Bubba who is 11 going on 12 in June.  We have animals, oh do we have animals...we have 2 dogs Riley and Nash, a cat Calli, and 2 horses Max and Moonshine.  I have made it known that I would love to have another child in the future.  I probably won't but hey doesn't hurt to dream, right?!

Ok so let me tell you about my family. No not my kids and husband, how about my mom and her husband to start off :)  Your saying ok and, yeh well I love my mom dearly but I really hate dislike her husband strongly.  I have my reasons so lets list some of them shall we...

1. He is an ass
2. He is an indian giver (sorry don't know the correct term)
3. He literally took my home from me and my kids when I fell a month behind after us living there for over 6 years.
4. He sold the horse I was going to buy from him 2 weeks after I offered him $600 for only $350 :(
5. He lends his son $1800 for rent and doesn't ask for it back but I borrowed $50 for something and I had to pay it back the next week because he didn't have the money for gas!
Did I mention that he is an ass!
That is just a few things that he has done!

Ok well the following is what got me into trouble last time but lets try this again shall we...

The next paragraph is going to be about Merts family and the ups and downs of all of us. 

His family is something to cherish.  His Grandma is awsome. I love her to death, she is sweet, but speaks her mind.  She tries her best not to be hateful. That being said she misses her late husband alot and if you listen carefully you can hear her having conversations with him still every now and then.  His mom which is my MIL is a little (I believe) Bi-polar.  She says it is just menopause.  I think that she is a little twisted at times but hey who isn't.  I feel like she does stuff that she wants to do out of kindness but later when she wants something or if we get into a fight she will say "well I did _____ for you guys so you should do _______ for me"  ya know.  Her husband, Merts step-dad, is going looney, literally.  We all believe that he has either dimentia or alztimers.  Ha, his brother my EBIL thinks he is mr. high and mighty that can block people from Facebook whenever he gets pissed at you! PFFT WHAT THE F*** EVER. 

Ok so now that all of that is over you will know who in the hell I am talking about when I rant and vent about all things.  Oh BTW there will be cussing I will at times try and refrane but there will always be some.  Have a nice day and enjoy your kids.

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