Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hey you guys...I have decided to start writing in my blog again so I can keep y'all entertained!  yay!  Now don't get to excited because this isn't going to be an everyday thing may not even be a weekly thing, but I am here and I am writing.

I guess since I am starting this over again I will start off by telling you a little about me and my family!  Hi I am ~M~ or better known on Facebook as Psycho Bitch :).  I have a husband whom I lovingly refer to as Mert. We have 2 kids Bear my daughter who is so very close to being 15 and my sweet sweet son Bubba who is 11 going on 12 in June.  We have animals, oh do we have animals...we have 2 dogs Riley and Nash, a cat Calli, and 2 horses Max and Moonshine.  I have made it known that I would love to have another child in the future.  I probably won't but hey doesn't hurt to dream, right?!

Ok so let me tell you about my family. No not my kids and husband, how about my mom and her husband to start off :)  Your saying ok and, yeh well I love my mom dearly but I really hate dislike her husband strongly.  I have my reasons so lets list some of them shall we...

1. He is an ass
2. He is an indian giver (sorry don't know the correct term)
3. He literally took my home from me and my kids when I fell a month behind after us living there for over 6 years.
4. He sold the horse I was going to buy from him 2 weeks after I offered him $600 for only $350 :(
5. He lends his son $1800 for rent and doesn't ask for it back but I borrowed $50 for something and I had to pay it back the next week because he didn't have the money for gas!
Did I mention that he is an ass!
That is just a few things that he has done!

Ok well the following is what got me into trouble last time but lets try this again shall we...

The next paragraph is going to be about Merts family and the ups and downs of all of us. 

His family is something to cherish.  His Grandma is awsome. I love her to death, she is sweet, but speaks her mind.  She tries her best not to be hateful. That being said she misses her late husband alot and if you listen carefully you can hear her having conversations with him still every now and then.  His mom which is my MIL is a little (I believe) Bi-polar.  She says it is just menopause.  I think that she is a little twisted at times but hey who isn't.  I feel like she does stuff that she wants to do out of kindness but later when she wants something or if we get into a fight she will say "well I did _____ for you guys so you should do _______ for me"  ya know.  Her husband, Merts step-dad, is going looney, literally.  We all believe that he has either dimentia or alztimers.  Ha, his brother my EBIL thinks he is mr. high and mighty that can block people from Facebook whenever he gets pissed at you! PFFT WHAT THE F*** EVER. 

Ok so now that all of that is over you will know who in the hell I am talking about when I rant and vent about all things.  Oh BTW there will be cussing I will at times try and refrane but there will always be some.  Have a nice day and enjoy your kids.

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