Friday, January 18, 2013


Oh hey, I decided that instead of washing clothes or cleaning my house I would sit on my ass and write to all of you out there in www land. 

So let me just say that I am thinking about getting my daughter a Chasity belt.  She, as far as I know, isn't having sex yet, but I would rather do that now than raise my daughter baby while she finishes high school and college.  There will be some judging me saying "Well if you do this or do that your just telling her it is ok as long as________" No that is not what I am doing at all.  I am simply taking in the fact that children, and that is what they are until oh I don't know like 25, most likely won't stop in the middle of fondling each other to say "Hey do you have a condom?" Oh how do I know that you ask?  Well because I have been that child in the middle of doing my thing that went straight from the rubbing and touching to the sex and a condom never crossed my mind.  Hence why I had a baby when I was 17 and dropped out of high school!  Come on get real, I mean seriously, how many times during high school did you have sex?  Ok now how many of those times did you stop right before and say hummm...maybe we should stop right here and put on protection.  Yeah not very many!  All I am saying is wouldn't you rather have your daughter or boyfriends girlfriend on some type of birth control so you are 99.999% sure that you won't have a grandchild until they are happily married and living on their own and supporting themselves?  I know I sure as hell would.  I think it would be great when they finally figure out how to do a BC for guys too that way it will be 100% effective for both parties involved in the sex!  How great that would be.  Then it wouldn't be the babies and diseases that we would have to worry about, just the diseases.  Yep that would be great!  

Ok I will step down from my soap box for today!


  1. Interesting fact. There is a outpatient procedure that is a 100% effective MALE contraceptive, and also not permanent. Is it available in the USA? Hell no! Otherwise, how would drug companies and condom companies make any money?

    1. Well that is just sad. If it is available in other places it should also be here in the USA. I truly believe that it would solve 95% of un-planned pregnancy in teens.

      That is a huge issue nowdays!