Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sporking and Gardening!

So a couple of things has been happening around the homestead....

1.  I hate the horse girl that has horses in with mine.  She sux big giant balls!  She doesn't take care of her horses.  My husband and I do.  It is so bad that Bear (14) actually asked why we are caring for her horses!  That is bad when a 14 year old notices. 
      a.  I text her to let her know things like 'Hey I am about to feed are you here this week'
           No answer....EVER!

     b.  I text her to let her know that the horses need hay.  No answer...

     c.  I text her to let her know that if I have to spend another $50 on a roll of hay for the horses
          hers will not be left in the pen to eat all of the hay that I have bought......guess what, she
          fucking responds.  'we are getting hay in a day or two so no worries.'  Bitch that is what it

 Me threatening to not give your horses hay for you to respond?!  WTF-ever at least you responded.  RIGHT? 

God she is really wearing my nerves, and no that isn't all...

2. She still owes us money for a roll of hay and the feed that we bought her horses about a month and a half ago.  I wouldn't be bringing this back up but for the fact that we went to feed all of the horses yesterday and low and behold her two horses have brand fucking new halters on!!!!  Those damn  things are like $20.00 a piece for the regular ones.  Did she get the regular ones, you ask?  FUCK NO SHE DIDN'T SHE GOT THE ONES THAT ARE REFLECTIVE IN THE DARK!!!!!!

     BITCH PAY ME MY FUCKING MONEY!!!!!!  I swear on all that is good I will spork you in the face, throw you against a dumpster, toss you into the hole in my backyard, and all the while being very humble about it!!!!!  Argghhh!!!

Ok so that is done....The other thing that has been happening on my home site is........wait for it............

I started my garden!  EEKKK I am so freakin happy about that!  Here are some pictures of it!!!!


Do you guys have any pointers on what all I can do so I don't spoil it?  That would be great seeing that I didn't take after my grandma or grandpa on that one (I didn't get the green thumb)...

I am afraid that it will turn out like.....well......

Yep ok so that is all for now!  Hope you enjoyed it....Please like my blog because sometimes I feel like I am just ranting for my own amusement and well that isn't as fun as ranting for yours.  :)

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