Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Current Events...

Ok so this whole blog is going to be on current events and such....

My son was a cubscout that opted out of being a boyscout and I am a little glad now that he did.  Things in the scouts are very not as they seem...the leaders were always fighting with each other or the parents and the kids were always brought into the middle of it, but the current situation with the boyscouts are outraging me!  How dare you as a government be able to tell someone that they cannot be a 'LEADER' to others because he is gay!

 Or to tell a boy that they cannot be in scouts because they are gay!  WTF are you thinking?!  I have my own opinions about gays and lesbians.  I don't want my kids to be but (don't tell them) I would love them no different if they were and I sure as hell don't want you or anyone else to tell them that they can't do something!  That would make me and most of you try to do it harder just to piss *said person* off more! 

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Now on to the next one...

I am Pro-choice.  That being said, I still don't believe that I would be able to abort a child unless it is going to cause me harm.  I don't wish for you to try and change my mind on it because all that will get you is a finger in the face and a big FUCK YOU!  I believe that we as women have a choice in what we want to do with our bodies.  It isn't your choice, nor is it our 'big brother's' choice.  Our ancestry lady's have fought a long and hard battle for us future women to be able to have that choice.  For you to let a MAN tell you that it isn't the 'right' thing to do just pisses me off to no fucking end.  You have the choice to be pro-life just like I have the choice to be pro-choice.  I don't put it in your face, you need to not put it in mine. (I will break it off)  I know that I will lose alot of readers this way but I needed to say this. 
So now that that is out of the way let's move on shall we...
The guns....So Hello I am from Texas....Tell you anything?
I love my guns!  All of them.  They are for my and my family's protection.  If you try to break into my house you must feel really bad about yourself because I will shot to kill you!  End of story!  I understand what (again) the government is trying to do (kinda) but I don't believe that it will work. 
If you take my guns and the 'bad' guys break into my house, I have timed the police, it will take me 10-15 seconds to call the police and another 20 minutes or sometimes more for them to show up, if I have no gun. I would have been raped and then killed along with my family.
If I have guns it would take you roughly 3 minutes to break into my house, I would have had my gun ready when I heard you trying to break in, you would be dead, I would not worry how long it took the police to arrive.  See my point.  Leave my guns and my rights alone!
This next one baffles me so that I cannot even write about here > link
Ok I am done for today! 

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