Friday, March 15, 2013

Horse B**ch!

I know that you have to get tired of me bitching and moaning horse bitch but here it goes again...

I really really hate her!  She is Psycho like really really!!  She sent me a text message 2 days ago saying that she didn't want me to feed her horses anymore.  I said Ok.  I was really happy that I wasn't going to have to do that.  She also said that I was supposed to feed her horses twice a day.  Um don't tell the person that is feeding your animals that she is supposed to do something when you aren't offering them anything in return. 

Then yesterday she text me that she was going to be moving her horses but she wasn't going to tell me when so not to ask.  WTF I don't care!  This is how the rest of the day went.....

Her MIL telling me all kinds of things like what her last name is, what to go online and look for, what all she was saying involving our horses, ect. ect.  So by the time feeding time came around I was down there and waiting for them so WE could feed.  First off they had me waiting for over and hour and a half, now you say well why didn't you just feed yours, well that is a great question. 
Answer is because they are in a pasture and to do that I would have to either a) take them out and hold them on lead ropes until they finish eating; or b) shoo away the other horses with a whip until mine are done, which by the way doesn't work so (a) it would have been. 
So I decided to be the better person and wait because me and the hubs had had a talk the night before and decided that since they are moving their horses we would build (with barbwire) a little corral for her two horses to be in because....

 They don't help us pay for hay. They don't help us carry water down to the horses.  They don't like to worm their horses when we do (because they are difficult!)
 When they finally pulled up down the street and hour and a half later I was like "thank god!"  HA!  They stayed in the house for another 30 minutes 'visiting' I guess.  They finally start my way with horse feed in hand.  After all horses are fed I walk close (10-15 feet from them) to them and say
 "Hey since you guys are wanting to feed 2 times a day to my one and since you guys are wanting to finally take responsibility for your animals, we are going to put up a corral for your horses so we don't have to keep supplying all of the hay and water for your horses too." 
 You would have thought that I suggested that they put the horses down or something.  She (horse bitch) flipped the hell out on me.  Calling me names, telling me to mind my own business, all kinds of shit. 

Then, THEN, the little psycho bitch accused us of stealing her feed!  That is when I jumped back! I told her when can we steal your feed?!  Your MIL has been giving us the buckets!!! <--BITCH!!   I may be alot of things but a thief is not one of them.  They owe us money for feed, hay, time, I mean I could go on and on and on!!  She thought that it was wrong that I suggested such a thing.  Fuck you bitch!!!   Then she said something that I am sure she regretted immediately.  She said "You shouldn't have let that fat girl ride on your horse. He is to thin to be carrying her!"  I said "What?"  Thinking she mis-spoke, and she said it again.  Just so you all know the "fat girl" that she is talking about just so happens to own the land and is my cousin.   Yep!  So I told her "I will make sure that your horses are gone in two weeks now!" <--She is still deny-ing sending that text)  After I said that she says "They will make you move yours before we have to move ours."  I said "Really, They are my family you dumbass!!!"  Oh just so you know I also was repeating, out loud, to her, "your lucky your pregnant because if you weren't I would whoop your fuckin ass!!!  You are fucking psycho!!!" 

After that all I would say to her as she was still Yelling was (flip her off) "fuck you Psycho!"

God, I hate her, she made me cry later that day. I am NOT a cryer!  Well not over people! 

Oh I forgot to share that she has had horses seized from her before for starving them.  Link here   Make sure you share it around!  So maybe the county will come and rescue these horses, because if it wasn't for us having horses down there they might be dead.   


  1. WOW
    She needs to go somewhere! For real! I hope you family does make her leave. You dont need that stress in your life!

    1. Tell me about it! I have to feed my horses outside the pasture for now because she is crazy and tonight my Grey got away from me and went on a joy run. Glad she cam back! Oh well

  2. Replies
    1. Yep...I can't wait until Saturday!!

  3. She sounds awful! On another note, from one horse lover to another... it is better to feed twice a day. The reason for that is because horses have small stomachs and need to eat about 20 lbs of ruffage a day (continually). Still, that woman should take care of her own horses and the fact that they aren't being wormed is not good either but at least you are feeding them so they wouldn't go hungry. Poor babies.

    1. Our vet told us that as long as they are maintaining weight, they are not being ridden often (daily), and if they have plenty of ruffage then we should only feed once a day in the summer. Our mare is getting to fat. We do feed 2 times a day during the winter to put on the weight for the cold. But the point was and still is the fact that she doesn't have any right to be telling me that I am to feed her horses two times a day. I am not their keeper. :) Thank you for your comment!