Friday, March 8, 2013

My Kid :0)

Yeah I know, my idea's are not always that great, but I think you might like this one! 

So I was sitting here and thinking about how yesterday I said that we were going to start doing something for Friday's, right?  Well I got it.  Friday will forever be known as Save me day...

Save me day is going to be about saving someone or something that is special to you and that was created when I read the blog about a woman and her child that has Autism. Link here <--- 

My child has ADHD and for a long time I didn't know what was wrong with her.  I just thought she was a 'bad' kid.  She was really bad.  She would hide under her desk at school, throw stuff, cuss, scream, hit, fight teachers and kids, it was bad.  One day I had had enough, she was in 3rd grade and was not even close to passing and this was the beginning of the year. I thought all kids passed the first 6 weeks.  Wow was I proven wrong.  Bear was like a tornado one minute and a sweet angel that just wanted a hug the next.  I was having weekly visits with her teachers in the third month into 3rd grade when one of them finally ask me, "Have you ever had her tested for ADHD?"  <---What the hell is that?!  I had no clue that there was such a thing.

I mean come on folks, I was at the end of my rope.  I thought that I just didn't need to raise kids.  I was really screwing this one up bad!  I would cry nightly about this while looking at boot camp schools to send her too.  I just couldn't do it any more.  I was so depressed and I was thinking of calling my mom, whom I hadn't spoken to in 2 years to just come and get her and she can raise her!!!

That afternoon I called her doctor and asked about it.  He said come and pick up these papers so you and the teachers can fill them out and return them to me.  I said how late are you open?  I went, got the papers, took them to the teachers, had all of it filled out and turned back in that day!  The next day the doctor called me and said that they needed me to bring her in, and if this afternoon was OK?  OMG do you want me to go and get her now!!!!???? 

After I took her in and they put her on Focolin XR it was Night and Day!  Literally!  I was back in love with my child.  She was my sweet baby again!!!  Now though that she has been 'labeled' I have to fight for her daily...

I have to have yearly meeting with the school so they can tell me the 'goals' for that year with her.  It is in her record that she has ADHD so all of her teachers automatically treat her as if she is a 'bad' kid still.  They don't give her second chances like a child without a problem would get.  The first time she messes up she gets sent to the principle's office. 

This is my story...Next week I would love to hear yours!  And remember that child you see in front of you acting out may just be struggling with his/her own problems, so before you label him/her stop and think about my story.


  1. You know, Little Sammy has ADD (without the hyperactivity), this caused many problems in grade school, he daydreamed all the time, had trouble staying on a task, very short attention span, trouble following directions. I started to get worried bout him too when he was in the 3rd grade because a teacher really had NO patience for him at all, so I started researching his symptoms and I came up with the ADD myself, then I took him to a doctor who confirmed it. But he struggled with school, making friends, being in social situations outside of family, he's still shy but he's on a med that seems to be working pretty good so far, we've had to change a few times over the years, I agree with you though, it's a long hard road that you're gong to stumble through and sometimes fall, but there's light at the end, Sammy has completed college years ago and has a degree now and works at a very detailed oriented career (he's a video game designer). Stay strong, it'll get better.

    1. Oh Aunt Carol I didn't know that you read my Blogs!! Thank you for the encourging words! <3