Monday, June 17, 2013

Poo poo in the potty!!! by LO

Have you ever had one of those days or shall I say moments that you wish you could crawl under a rock and live there forever?  Yea!  Well let me tell you a story that I was told the other day.

We shall call her LO. 

Lo came over last night and we were just hanging out on the couch watching Tv and talking.  Making fun of people that we should never make fun of and just having a blast....

She looks over at me later in the night and says "I have to tell you what happened the other night when me and (Cece)<--fake name- went to this party of a girl that she knows."

                 The following is a true story told to me by LO.

"So I was sitting at this party and I had to go, you know #2.  Yea so I excused myself and I went into the bathroom to do my business.  After I was done and I had tried to flush, IT WOULD NOT FLUSH!  I was mortified."

Now y'all at this point I had to ask, "Was it because it was too much for the toilet to handle?"  (LMAO)!!! 

LO says, "No, it had no water in the tank.  So I started to look around the bathroom to try and find something so I could put more water into the tank and all I found was a small cup that you would us to rinse your mouth with!"

(more laughing)  (LO is rolling her eyes and Laughing)

She continues, "I didn't know what to do and if I stayed in there any longer they were going to think that I was constipated!  So I went out, closed the door, calmly walked into the living room and told Cece that to come here please.  She looked at me and said 'What's wrong?'  Please come with me.  Please!!  She stood up and followed me into the bathroom looked at me and said 'Ok so what is wrong?'  OMG the toilet won't flush.  She looked at me and said, 'Don't ever think that I don't love you!' She then picked up the cup and started to put water in the tank while saying 'ya, know, if you were thinking you would have taken all of that stuff out of the metal tub over there and used that to put water in to fill this up, then you wouldn't have needed me!'  Geez......"

Oh the stuff that we lady's put up with.  A man would have walked out and shouted..

DAMN!  Who left that pile in the bathroom??

Then walk away like it wasn't him...

Have you had anything embarrassing happen like that to you??  I wanna hear about it in the comments........

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