Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Me and my Crazy ass Family............

This is a guest blog.....She needed to rant for a minute and maybe get some feedback......Maybe she will be a regular here... 

OK so my family is selfish and self centered to a point that I do not understand. The day that my husband gets out of the hospital I beg him to go down to help my parents move, because none of my other siblings are helping them. We go down to find that there is not even anything packed and that the house is gross to he point you want to vomit, because no one has done anything there in months.

Now keep in mind that there are 4 adults and a baby living there(my parents and my sister her man and their child). They have known for well over a month that the moving day was coming, and yet no one has made any attempt to do anything!

Anyways, we bust our asses for like 7 hours to make a dent in this fucking mess, and realize its almost 10pm. My boys are tired, hungry, and way past ready to go home. Time for us to leave we go out to the car, and the mother fucker will not start, JUST GREAT!!! We are stranded!

So we go to the new trailer, and make a deal that would eventually start the fight of the century.

Since my father owns a shop we ask him to fix the car, and that we would stay and help him. Wednesday morning we get up, and it's this, that, and the other helping my father.  About 5 pm they go and get the bracket for the alternator just to find out that it also needs another alternator (which will have to wait until Thursday now because its so late). So we continue to work on getting my parents moved, and our son goes into complete meltdown mode because he is tired of being in ass raping country with nothing to do. I call my biological mom to see if he can go stay with her until the car is fixed and we get back home. By now I have three rooms completely done! (well not cleaned but packed and emptied) can't really do anymore at this point because my mom has her room to do, and my sisters nasty fucking room that I refuse to touch! Thursday comes around and more moving and packing and this, that, and the other, they get the part for the car around 4pm, and realize that they need another bolt...oHMG are you kidding me? So we continue to work; all the while my diabetic husband hasn't had a descent meal in days because the gas is not hooked up to cook... so he is pretty  much an ass at this point. Thursday, Friday same shit Saturday. By that time my husband has had it, so I tell him to head home and get our son I would finish there and they could come back and get me early Sunday morning.

I was at the trailer waiting on my father and working around my sisters shit. In the meantime my other sister showed up acting like she was a hard ass and in charge of everything! Um no bitch, I do not think so, I have been here for days doing this shit and she was not about to come in and tell me what to do! Well, when my father decided to show up we got into an argument because I was tired by this point of working around my sisters shit. My other sister and I decided to say fuck it; went into the room from hell, and went to town. Weeks of fucking dirty ass diapers and ash trays and just filth!! Disgusting! I do not see how anyone can live like that let alone keep a child in that environment!

During all this fucking insanity, another moms mom bought all her grandchildren porcelain dolls named after them, that have been in my mothers possession since her mom passed away. I didn't get one because I came into the picture after she had passed away. So over the years, my mother had collected other dolls, that she said I could have after she was gone. That is not the point, the point is she had decided to give my siblings their dolls, and I had asked her if I could have mine too, she said yes, but by the end of the night she had asked if she could keep mine until she was gone because she loved the dolls.
                  Do you have any clue how that made me feel?

Out of all my siblings I am probably the only one that will cherish and take care of the dolls. Whatever, I was selfish and didn't give them back. To top that off I had asked my father if I could have the cabinet in my moms room, he said I had to ask my mom, so I did and she said she didn't care. When I was ready to load my stuff up to get ready to go, my father said that he wanted that cabinet, and the only way I could keep it was to trade him my recliner. Seriously!  Are you kidding me?! I have been here for days and busted my ass to help and you are going to come at me like that with some dumb shit!!!  WTF?

Last but not least during this whole horrible fucking week I sold my father my bed that is well worth over a grand... I sold it to him for furnishing the work that needs done on the car and 100 cash. I called him today because I really need the money,  and he proceeds to tell me that I cant have the money because he has to help my one sister pay her $450 gas bill. That, by the way, has been disconnected. 

I am so pissed right now!
I wish he would step back and look at all the shit I have done for him this week!

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