Saturday, August 10, 2013

HELLO OHIO.....part 2

Ok guys, we got of at 6am like I said we would.  Went to the stroe to get ice and of course Coby has to fall on the sidewalk like a goober.  After that we are

        F !!!

It took forever to drive the first day, and the second was I felt longer but we finally made it to! 

Our first stop there was to see my friend T.G.  I think her son was more happy to see my though because he ran up to me and almost jumped into my arms, but after that I got out of the truck and gave T.G. a hug.  Yay!!!

We will again go by the days.

Day 1 -  (Sunday) Uneventful.  When I got there we sat and visited for a few and then we had to run to the store.  OHH and we got T.G. Homemade Spaghetti.  OMG it was Delish!!!!

Day 2 - (Monday) Didn't get much sleep....THEY WAKE UP AT 6am!!!  ARGGGG!!!!  Ok I'm up!  So, anyhow, T.G. had a doctor appointment so I had to stay with the boys, who by the way didn't get up until 8am. :/  Yea.  When they got back we had to do some more running around and I was not feeling very well.  We went to a place called "The Barn" (Amish like restaurant).  It was surprisingly good.  Later in the day T.G. and I went and ran some errands without the boys.  It was fun just having "girl time".   Oh and don't let her tell you that she doesn't eat leftovers because on day 2 we had leftover sketti's.

Day 3 - (Tuesday) She had another doctor appointment today but didn't wake me until later.  She took me to see the McKinney monument. Later we went to the auction #1.  I love auctions!  I have always loved auctions.  T.G. got me an oil lamp for like $8!!!  I lub it!

Day 4 - (Wednesday) Camping day!!  The most fun one will have is to go camping with me!
  I talked T.G. into going tubing down the river that is in the park, can I just stop right there, Ohio water is a lot colder than ours in Texas.  On with the story, we went and got our tubes and proceeded down to the water, C (her son) did not want to do this and looking back I see why.  As I step into the water I am instantly frozen!!  That water is so freakin cold!  I am a trooper and I continue on like there is nothing wrong.  C on the other hand has no problem telling him mom that this isn't a good idea.  We no sooner get into the water and begin floating and T.G. gets hung up on a log with C.  Great!  I have no way of helping them, but she frees them.  Away we go and all is going well for a while and then all hell breaks loose!  C falls out of the tube!  Yep and freaks the hell out mostly because the water is so cold because he can stand, the water in this part is only about 2 feet deep.  We get him back on and continue down the river when I find out the T.G. was so scared that she (forgive me) Shat!  hahahahaha!!!    <-----I am rolling in my tube laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyways no we didn't finish the river....but the rest of the day was great! The boys rode Go-carts...for C it was the first time!!

Day 5 - (Thursday) So we packed up and left so we could make it to the Amish auction that night because I have heard that the Amish auctioneer has a HAWT ASS!!!  I shall never know because he was  a no show!  DAMNIT!

Day 6 - (Friday) Spent the whole day cleaning and then we went to get our hair done afterwards.  (sorry T.G. I just didn't like that blond blob in the front of my head)

Day 7 - (Saturday) I will never NEVER EVER come up again during the "super bowl hall of fame" parade day!  She made us get up at 2:30am!!!!   Just so we could go and sit out in the rain and cold and wait for a parade to start!!  The after party was great though!  Good food and good times! 

Day 8 - Kinda bittersweet because we were having to leave but I think it was about time.  I am sure that we were wearing on their nerves and as sweet as C can be he was starting to wear on mine.  So we packed it up and headed a little further north.....Watch out Booboo here we come........

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