Friday, July 26, 2013

Our trip to Ohio....Part 1 of 3


Guess where I am going?  Yeppers, Ohio!!! I am going to see my sister and my partner in crime Tori!  I am so freakin' excited about it all.  I thought that I would keep y'all in the loop and tell you about my day to days leading up to and then until we get back. 

Week 1:  (getting ready) Planned my route and it is going to take me 19 hours and 11 minutes to go from Texas (gulf coast) to Ohio (Middle).  Yeah we'll see about that.  They don't factor in the fact that people have to pee and take breaks.  What if II see something that I want to look at?  Yep there is more time.

 I have begun cleaning my house so I won't have as much to do when I get back.  It is just me a bubba going so bear and Mertis will be left behind to care for animals and work and pay bills.  As I am cleaning my wonderful husband said, "I don't know why you are doing that, it isn't going to look like this when you get back."  ASSHOLE!  They better not mess my house up while I'm gone. 

I have started to pack slowly so I can make sure that I have everything that I need. 

The count down begins.....
Tuesday (3 days left) I have washed my last load of clothes today.  Packed my blanket and Bubba's Games for the X-box and Wii.  Towels and Washrags are packed. 

Wednesday (2 days Left) Getting the jitters now!!!  I am getting pissy because I am getting no help in the cleaning of the house before I leave and I am ARRRGGGG!  I am done with my packing.   Just need to pack the toiletries. 

Thursday (1 day at home left) <----EEKKKKK!!!! 

Friday (We leave tomorrow)  OMG MY STOMACH IS IN KNOTS!!!  I am super excited!!!  Gotta load the truck and I will be gone at 6am in the morning!!  Wish me luck!

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  1. Have a great time and be careful, I love ya bunches and it would break my heart if anything happened to y'all. Take lots of pictures!