Sunday, January 20, 2013

Good morning PMS'er

Have you ever woke up and known that today was gonna be the day that nothing was going to go right?  Well guess what today was! Today was that day!

I woke up to Mert being a pissy bitch in the living room about god knows what.  He does that every now and then I usually just stay away from him. Ya know it is kinda like when us lady's are having a PMS moment. So I go in there to make my coffee and notice that he has taken it upon himself to take out the sausage and eggs so that I would see them. Okay well I guess I will make breakfast since you don't know how and the kids sure as hell are NOT going to do it!  Bamm! Breakfast is making, sausage is done and on the plate, I am trying to do the eggs and butter the toast and wash the dishes and he thinks that he is just going to waltz over here and steal a sausage. His hands I notice are empty so I am thinking 'Where in the fuck did he put it!' then I notice it, he has a stain in his pants that wasn't there earlier. That MF'er he put it in his pocket!!!  OMG!!!  Take that shit out of your pocket and put it on the damn plate!!! Geez!

So I thought hell no I am not putting up with him today; I will go and clean my grandma's house (she is very sick and is unable to clean anymore so I do it for her).  I gather everything that I am going to need to do my job and I go to leave and bubba comes running out of the door yelling "Grandma doesn't wanna mess with cleaning today, but she says that you can still come over."  sigh Great!  I think 'ya know what I am gonna act like I didn't get the message and go over there to clean.'  Nope she meets me at the door as I get there and tells me that she doesn't wanna do that today and lets just have a visit.  3 1/2 hours later I leave and head home...Wow my day was boring! 

Did you see my post from yesterday? Now that shit was funny!

Bye Y'all

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