Friday, January 25, 2013

To Be (sick) or not to be!

Ok, so, lets just start off by saying I have been sick. I layed in bed all day yesterday sleeping sick, and I only tell you this because if you didn't know that I had been sick well the following would make no sense. 

My House is a disaster! 

I just cleaned it Wednesday! Seriously! Like it was not just an, oh sure come and look at my living room but don't go anywhere else clean, No!  It was, Oh the president wants to come to my house? Sure let me give you the grand tour, clean!  Sadly it is back to its old ways!  I believe that I may have a ghost!  I can clean the house and wake up the next morning and nobody know what happened!  Case in point!
      'Who left this half a glass of milk on the counter over night?!'
         'not me'
          'wasn't me either mom'
            'I didn't have milk'!
 Oh, Really?  it wasn't any of you? REALLY?!  Ok, well that seems Legit!  GHOST!  So we call him Marvin.  So now I say
     'Oh none of you left it out'
         'Well it must have been Marvin' 

Onto other news....Honestly there isn't other news.....Oh there is!  Me and the MIL are talking, AGAIN!  The BIL or the SIL still haven't tried and Honestly I don't know if I want to speak with them.  I know you are going WTF is she talking about!  Ok well I guess I will recap

     Me and the in laws, specifically the MIL, BIL, and SIL get into arguments quite often about random stuff.  The last one was about my daughter and a blog that I had up but is now taken down.   My MIL was very rude to my daughter one day.  I blogged about it and was hit with a brick, not literally but by email.  Now if you have read all of my blogs you will notice that I don't use names so if I did mention you in one of my blogs it isn't like anyone will know that I am speaking about you.  They asked me not to "pull them into our fights" and then blocked me from their Face book pages!  I didn't say your Name **** ****!  Even if I had come on it isn't like anyone reads this anyways, right!  So just to say they haven't spoken to me since before Memorial day last year!  WOOHOO!!! Like I could care!  I do have to say though I have been losing less hair now!

Sorry I am a little spazzy, I jump around alot!  Try and keep up it might get interesting!

Back to the house....I am going on strike!  I am playing sick now...maybe for the rest of the week, I don't know yet.  I just don't think that if I clean all day on one day you should be able to destroy it on another!

Ok well stay out of trouble and don't let the Zombies get you!  Peace out!

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