Friday, January 25, 2013


OMG!  I really can't believe this!

My husband, who works outside for folks, was at my uncles doing some work for him today, this is what followed.

    He goes up to get the check and his lady answers the door....ok I gotta say right here that she does nothing...nothing!  He asked her if she had the check and she told him no but to come in.  She proceeded to tell him all kinds of things that were not going to go any further than me (well and you) but still she had no right to discuss these things with him.

1. She said you know how J doesn't like me?  Well it is because she is on Meth, and she knows I know.  Her sister C goes and buys it for her.  Her husband says that if she doesn't quit then he will leave her.
   A.  How do you know this?  She doesn't even talk to you!  She hates you!  She says
         II.  Well because I rode with her husband somewhere for a job and he told me all of this, out of confidence of course.
   B.  WTF.  Do you know what that word means?  OMG

2.  You know how K didn't like me?  We we are on speaking terms now and her husband is cheating on her.  Not in the house, ya know, but he leaves for days and that is when he is with other women.
   A.  K tolerates you because of her dad.  That is all nothing more.  What type of shit are you trying to start telling my HUSBAND all of this?!  That also you should have kept in confidence! 

3.  C is being kicked out our her apartment unless she can come up with $1800 dollars.  She called again a couple of days ago and now it is $2400.  I know she is spending it on Heroin again with that POS of a boyfriend that says he is a gambler.  T went and gave her the money.
   A.  Who cares it is his money to spend the way he wants.

4.  You know when (said stuff) happened to S?
    A. Yea
          II.  Well I sent her the $5000 she needed out of my pocket, and I haven't asked for it back either
   B.  Good for you.

So this is just a small portion of what was said today!  What the heck am I supposed to do with this!?  OMG help!

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