Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fed up with BS

Ok so a little bit has happened since you have been gone.  I will start with my rant and work my way down.

Rant:  My uncles girlfriend is psycho.  No really I mean it she really is!  So my husband and I have only met this woman a couple of times.  Well when she started telling us all of every ones business we had met her once.  So Mert goes over there to finish something that he started and she comes out and starts talking to him again.  This time though it was about how J (my cousin) was trying to 'hook him up' with her husbands mom.  She then proceeded to tell MY husband that if he can date other people than she can too.  OK who in the hell cares!?  I don't and my MARRIED HUSBAND doesn't!  Why would you tell a married man that.  Mert says to me 'Meme I don't think that she is like that'  oh really?  Ok well I wasn't sure.  PFFT!  Bitch back the fuck up!  He is a married man, and if you know what is good for you, you will step the fuck off! 

Now my question for you I wrong in being pissed off about it?

Rant #2:  Ok so we have horses.  You know this.  We have them in Mert's uncles pasture down the street.  They are in there with 2 other horses that are the neighbors'.  We feed everyday M-Sun without fail morning and night without their help because they don't live here.  That isn't my rant, nope I don't care about that.  Yesterday we were on our way to go and feed, were coming out of the driveway I see a horse in the ditch!  So.....I scream "HORSE OUT!  HORSE OUT!"  Then I see her (the owner)  she has let her horses out on a lead, to eat the grain in a bucket, that she brought down, in front of my 2 horses!   This pisses me off!!!!  Why would you do that?!  You don't feed your horses in front of mine, before I make it down there.  IT'S WRONG!!!!!  We don't do that to your horses, even though your mom in law can come and help us feed, but she doesn't!  WE feed your horses every damn day, and today because we are moving slow you want to get all impatient and take your horses out and feed them.  BITCH GO HOME!  Ok rant 2 done. 

Now on to a different matter.  My sister is prego!  yay!  We are hoping and praying for a girl!  Lots of pink and stuff!  Ok well enjoy your day.......

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