Wednesday, February 13, 2013


OK so lets start off by saying I am a mom, I have been for a little over 14 years. Now lets move on to this story....Grab a tissue it's a good one...

I am in the kitchen on Monday washing dishes (yes I wash dishes alot) and I have Bear(14) put on some water for a pitcher of sweet tea.  When the water starts to boil I say "Go and get the teabags....(My son (10) explodes in laughter).....What the hell is so funny?" 

He tells me "Nothing!"  :/  "Really? Then why are you laughing?"  "I don't know!" 

OK so I am like HUMMMM.........whatever kids are weird...... So I continue "Bear go and get the teabags.........( AGAIN IT HAPPENS).....What the hell Bubba?!"  

(CONTINUES DIEING LAUGHING-He is literally crying he is laughing so hard)...."Bear put them in the pot..." 

Now I am still asking what is so funny buy the word Teabag?  Which then gets laughter not only from the boy but now Bear is laughing!!  WTF is so damn funny???!!!

I go into the bedroom so I can ask Mert.  "Mert do you think it is funny when I say 'teabag'?"  "no"  "They (points to living room) won't stop laughing!"  "Well they are :/ (don't like this word) stupid"
I say "UGH"  and walk out. 


"Bear get me the bag of ice so I can fill up the pitcher."  She gets the ice and says nonchalantly "You want me to bang it on the ground?"  OMG!!!  You would have thought that that saying was the funniest thing on the planet!  He (bubba) has fallen off of the couch by now and is rolling laughing!! 

OK so I get that one, and unless your mind is already in the gutter you wouldn't find that funny, but guess what, his mind is there! 

So I have had it at this point and I tell them "Spill it! What is so funny about the word 'teabag'?  tell me NOW!"  (I don't like my kids knowing something that I don't know)

Well they don't tell me they show me.....(their version).......Bear sits on the floor and bubba takes her head and pulls it towards his (UM YEA)!  OMG!  STOP THAT!!  WTF!! 

They are dieing and I am freaking out!  I am told later by LOLO that is not what it means but hey let them believe that! 

I looked it up!  I don't want to do that!!! EVER!!!


An adult act performed by consenting republican/conservatives on each other to express their fake outrage to imaginary tax increases (most of these idiots actually just got a tax break)

During this act one republican/conservative nut job (pun intended) drops his pants in public and slowly lowers his scrotum into the eager mouth of another right wing nut lover.

Some basic Teabagging participation rules

1: Participants have to be very low income (preferably on welfare)
2: Participants have to be avid Fox News watchers (this makes certain the participants are brainwashed to the extent of being borderline retarded)
3: Participants have to be republican/conservative
On 04/15/09 (Tax Day) broke ass republicans throughout the country gathered in public and performed mass teabagging on each other for hours while complaining about some imaginary tax increases

ok Hope you enjoyed my unconfortable moment with my kids :)

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