Thursday, March 7, 2013

My turn!!! oh oh oh ME ME!

I know that you are reading my blog because I see you doing it!  So why don't you go and like the page that created it on Facebook <--Link to it there!

 I am thinking of going and doing something special every Friday on here.  Like a look at me kinda thing!  Whatcha' think?

Suggestions of what I could do would be great!   Maybe, once a month, have a ask me anything kinda blog?  That would be cool, right?  Or a funny photo day, where I post nothing but silly pictures!  I don't know...

If you are a new mom and need advice on what I do or could send me an email <--Link.....and ask me and I will blog about it!  Anything....Y'all should know by now I will post anything!  So let's hear it....Or maybe embarrassing stories like...I can't believe she did that, or The strangest place you have ?  ANYTHING REALLY!!!  Until I get some feed back I will turn Friday into a Photo day until you send me something!  Hurry there are enough blogs with funny pictures on them!!!!!

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