Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why can't we be friends?

A really good friend is so very hard to catch...They are like a good man!  If you find one that you like, someone else already has them. 

I have had many of acquaintance but I have only had one real friend (besides Mertis).  She was my BEST-FRIEND!  Like seriously, we had key chains and everything!  I loved her so much.  I still do!  Her daughter is the best thing since fried chicken!  She was an easy friend to make.  We met in high school.  After I pulled the stunt of getting pregnant and dropping out of school we kinda lost touch for a while.  I found her again in my 20's after having my second child and she was pregnant with her first!  It was meant to be!  Had to be, otherwise we wouldn't have found each other again, right!?  Oh I didn't know all of the problems that she had accumulated over the years.  I learned to look past them, but they were still there.  They will always be there! 

I am not sure if you know this or not but I am a bit of a bitch!  Always have been!

 She was ok with this and my many other problems.  Like not feeling I was loved, or needing.  My OCD about everything.  My husband.  My kids and being a mother bear over them.  All of my problems.

I guess you could say that I was the bad friend too though.  She had her own problems.  She wasn't faithful to her husband.  I doubt he was to her though.  She took pills.  Lots of pills.  She always had better things to do.  She would stand me up constantly for everything, IE: movies, shopping, etc....  <--That is what did it for me finally.  I was tired of always clearing my schedule for her and I to go do something only to be forgotten.  She wouldn't even call to let me know that she wasn't coming.  She just wouldn't show up, wouldn't take my calls or messages.  Then later tell me that she was busy and forgot.  Really?!  So I was done.

Now I am trying to find another friend.  It's hard to find someone that will take all of your problems, but that you are ok dealing with theirs to.  Let me just say people have problems.  Some people only want to be your friend when it is convenient for them.  Some want to just use you and then dump you.  Some will surprise you.

 Case in point.   I was taking my kids to daycare (a long time ago).  There was a girl up there and we sorta "hit it off "  I was unaware that she and her husband were 'swingers'!  OMG, when I found out that I was a perfect 'match' for her husband and my husband for her, I ran, FAST!  That is not ok with me.  I have found my partner and do not want none of yours.  It is nice of you to share but not with me, thank you!

Another person I thought was a friend.  I worked with her and she was so nice.  We didn't hit it off right away but we grew on each other.  At work we were inseparable.  We called each other on the phone all the time and we made plans to go places that never quite worked out.  Then I broke my leg.  Lost my job.  Had to stay home.  Was on strict bed rest.  She stopped calling.  Stopped messaging me on FB.  Then I send her a happy birthday message.  She says thanks.  I see on a mutual friends page that she had a B-day party and didn't invite me.  I am still not sure as to why.  I think it may have been because we were not the same race.  Everyone there was of a certain Ethnicity.  I don't know.  I voiced my "M-ness" and was deleted from said page never to be heard from again.

So can you answer the question of the day, week, month, year, century.....Why are friends so freakin' hard to find and then keep?

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