Monday, May 13, 2013

My Mommy's day experience. . . . . . . . . . . .

Hi y'all....Happy Monday to you! 

       How was your mommy's day?  Mine was horrid!!  The worst!!  Why well keep reading.....

It started out great, I woke up at around 9ish and sat down and drank my coffee in the peace and quiet of my living room.  I then got up and texted a few people happy mommy's day, called my MIL and my mom to wish them the same.  The kids and the Hubs rose and so we started our day.  I was asked by the hubs what I wanted to do today, -->this crossed my mind (The same thing we do every -mother's day- try and take over the world)  Go to the beach!!!    I want to go to the beach!  So we all got our swim suits on and then #1 strikes....

         Bear- Dad I started my period.
         Dad- ok
         Bear- the sharks will get me
         Me- (rolls eyes) Let's go!!

We head out after getting what few things we need packed.  (sample) ---> 4 towels, sunscreen (no one used)  nook, phone, sun glasses, and swim trunks for the boys. 

Stop at McD's for lunch and we are off.....We get about 20 miles or so from McD's and BOOM traffic!  *sigh*  Ok well it's ok.  I tell the large one that we are not in any hurry so chill!  (noon-ish)

About 2-ish we are still in said traffic and he is flipped his lid about 3 times....*sigh*  Traffic clears and we are off.....We make it to the beach at about 2:30pm, it isn't too full.....Just right......Bear informs her 'daddy' that she has to poop. . . . . WTF!!  We just left town . . . . . We just stopped at a Sonic so I could Pee before we came out to the beach why didn't you go there! ? ! ? ! 

Me being the parent says "ok lets just take her to the port-a-potty so she can go" because now she has informed me that she needs to change her *clears throat* lady thing too...

My husband on the other hand. . . ."No I will dig a hole and we will shield her because now I have to go too so you can shield me later" W T F ! ! !   "NO!!  WE WILL GO INTO TOWN!!!"

He is digging hole!  I just walked away....*sigh*  Why does this shit happen to me?  <--No pun intended. . . .   did I get an apology?  PFFT NO...  I was pissed at the both because we had 'neighbors' all around us and they know what is going on if someone makes a 'tent' against a truck.  uuggghhghghg!!  

OH and to top it off on the way home...yep you guessed it traffic again!!

How was your mommy's day?

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