Friday, May 17, 2013

Why does this happen to me? ! ? !

So I don't know how many of you know this but my FIL had Dementia and  Alzheimer's and it sucks ass!!!

Today's adventure is as follows...

  1. Wake up
  2. Make coffee
  3. Go potty
  4. Receive a dumpster that I didn't know was coming
  5. Take said FIL to (Job interview that he can't remember where)  <---should be fun
So I woke up just fine.  Slept real good.  Went and let out my kitty so he could run and play with others while I made my coffee...Coffee makes me potty so that was the next step in my day so far. 

This is where it gets interesting....

I look out of the living room window and see the dumpster guys pulling into the driveway.  Hum.. I guess that someone ordered a dumpster.  Cool!  Then I see the 'dumpster guy' walking up to my house. 

  • Yes can I help you?
  • I need to drop this.
  • Um...ok just get it as close to the house as possible and get it out of the driveway.
Moves the dumpster so it is right up against the pile of house....
  • Ok so I need you to sign for this and I need payment.
  • I don't have payment, I didn't even know it was coming, let me call someone.
So I call the MIL, it goes as follows.
  • Hey the dumpster guys are here, did you know about this?
  • Yea I told (FIL) <---name here....where I wanted it.
  • Um ok well I already had them drop it.
  • No, they are going to have to move it to the area I wanted it
  • Ok, let me give him the phone.
I give him the phone and walk to the house where the FIL is. I knock LOUDLY because he is also hard of hearing.  He hears and comes to the door with a stupid grin on his face and says....
  • Sorry the office is closed, please come back tomorrow.
  • OK, the dumpster guy is here, do you have the money for them?
  • Tell them to come back tomorrow because we are closed.
  • Seriously? !
  • Yes, we reopen tomorrow.
OMG! WTF!  He is at the house not a business for those of you still wondering.

I walk back over and get the phone back and go back into my house.  MIL calls me back and proceeds to tell me that UIL is calling in a CC number. Not to worry about it.  ==p <--gun) (POW)

Oh LAWD!!!  So that is done.  They are gone I am chillin in my house, and there is a knock at my door.  Holy CRAP it is the FIL!!!  WHY ? ! ? !   Well let me tell ya why....
  • Hey are you doing anything today?
  • Um I don't know why?
  • Well I need a ride into town for a job interview.
  • Ok, where?
  • Oh, um, damn, I don't remember....
  • Ok well I guess I can.
  • Ok thanks. (he walks away)
Crap!  What the hell did I just agree to? !? !  Shit!!  Damnit!!!!!!!

I shall let you know what happens later.....D


  1. sounds like a comedy tv show, hoped you stepped back and had a good little laugh about it all, especially old FIL

    1. I surely did! It is quite funny most of the times! MY father in law (FIL) Lord help us all hahaha!!!!