Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why must they grow up?

Ok so I needed to blog today, only because I need some way of coping with what I am going through! 

My babies are growing up!!!!!

When did that happen?  I know that it was just yester-year that I had my beautiful 6lb 5oz 18inch long baby girl, that started kindergarten and then 6th grade, but when did she grow up?!  I am NOT ready for this!!  NO!  I want my baby back!  It isn't fair that they have to grow up and go to high school! 

When she started kindergarten she didn't want to let me go.  I had to stay with her most of the day because she was literally attached to my leg.  I thought it was so funny.  Then she got distracted and I ran, out of the room, out of the school, and into my waiting car.  I carried on the rest of the day like nothing was different. <--looking back I should have cried and fought for her to stay by my side.  I didn't though, I knew that she had to go to school and I still had a little one that I needed to care for at home.  She was home soon enough and I took a picture of her getting off of the bus that afternoon! I can't find it so here is one of her and her brother...


She was ok the next year when she went on to 1st grade and so was I.  That is the way it went until she changed schools, but again I still had one that was in Elementary that I could baby so I was ok with it.  Now I am not ok with the fact that she is about to start HIGH SCHOOL!!! 

It goes from baby dolls and Barbie dolls to boys and cars!  It all happens so fast that you don't even know that it is happening.  It hasn't hit my husband yet but I am sure that it will when we go to the 'crossing over' ceremony in a couple of weeks.  He will cry!  I will take a photo of it to show him later when he denies it!! 

High school is a bad thing in my mind.  High school is where 'things' happen.  Bad things most of the time. You know like driving, dating, parties, so on and so forth.  I know that I am not the only one that this has happened to.  I am sure that my mom went through the same thing when I started high school, and her mom before her and on and on.....

How do you make the panic stop though?  Has anyone figured out how to make them stop growing?  Can you share it with me please!!  I really didn't think that I was going to be one of "those" mom's!!  You know the kind I am talking about.  I am sure you don't wanna be one either.  Just wait, it's coming. 

Lord help us all....they are still growing up!!!!  Here is her first day of High School...


  1. Your next step will be a wedding and then a grandbaby(s), I look forward to that one day, can't wait to be a grandma.

    1. NOOOO silly the next step will be graduation, college, good job, marriage, then a grandbaby!! No pushing it!