Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I am NOT sorry! Sorry

I am not really sure how to start this one.  I am really upset with this whole Zimmerman/Martin thing, but not in the way that you expect a person to be upset with it. 

I am upset that this has been made into a black and white thing.  It is not and was not a black and white thing. 

I am tired of Quenelle X saying that this was a racist thing.  How in the hell does he know that?  Was he there?  Oh, I forgot, everything with him is a racist thing! 

He stands there and talks about his family being slaves. Really, and when was that last year?  Ten years ago? 50 years ago?  Oh, you mean over 149 years ago!  Yea I can how that might still hurt you.  That must have been hard on you.  You know because some people that you don't know and have never known were slaves.  Oh and you know without a shadow of a doubt tha the slave driver was a white person because there is no such thing as a black slave driver.

I am what one of my best friends calls a "southern Belle".  I think it's cute.  When I tell people that I am a white woman from Texas, most of them think automatically that I am a Racist.  I am not a racist.  I am southern by blood/heart/mind/soul/and choice.  I say and do things that you may look at and go, oh she is so racist by saying that.  No y'all, that is just the way that I was raised and I will not change for you or anyone else! 

Please think before you say that someone is a racist.  It may sometimes seem that way but it may not always be true.

I read a blog this morning, it was about a man that was once a young man.  He was in college and it was late and raining and he pulled his hood over his head and walked across the campus with his head down so he could get to his dorm. 
      Now without me telling you his color, a security officer stopped him to ask him where he is going.  Instead of answering him he turned and asked him, why?  did I do something? 
      Why ask someone that is trying to keep a campus safe why they stopped you?  Just answer the question.  Here or There.  Real easy.  This boy is black, and seems to think that that officer stopped him because of his color.  I would not be able to tell what color someone is at night in the rain while they are wearing a hoodie.  Maybe, just maybe that officer could and that is why he stopped the only person out in the dark and pouring rain, because it was a black boy. 

Come on!  give me a break!  Really!?!?!  How stupid are you to think that the only reason that man stopped you was because you are black!!!  UGH!!!  I am sure that if it was a white woman he would have stopped her too because under a hoodie in the dark rain it is hard to see what color you are. 

I am just so over all of this and I needed to speak my mind.  Thanks for listening.

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