Friday, November 15, 2013

My Aunt!

Today November 15, 2013 the world lost a very special person.  My aunt Tina Lynn was born September 12, 1957 to my Grandparents.  She was a very important person to all that knew her.  She was a loving and funny person that tried to not judge you unless of course you were being pissy with her or someone that she loved.  My mom and Grandma used to tell me stories of her being kicked off of the bus for fighting.  Guess she never grew out of it…  J 

She was ecstatic the day she found out she was pregnant.  Then she came down from Nacogdoches to visit Grandma and the rest of us and low and behold she went into labor early.  Guess he just didn’t want to be born in the boon docks lol….I remember going and seeing him in the NICU.  He was so small, like a pound or so and he had what looked like a brown cupcake on the top of his head.  We laughed hard at that. 

Couple years later, I went to stay with her for a few weeks so I could go to band camp.  She had an old beat up VW bus.  Oh it was horrid, but it got me to camp and town ok so off we would go…

She had some down time too, but I won’t remember those now. 

She lived with us for a few a long time ago.  She dated a body builder who thought that he was god’s gift to women.  ß He surely was not, but she liked him at the time.  There were so many more that I could write but I would love to hear about yours of my Aunt, my mom’s sister, my Grandma and Grandpa’s 3rd born daughter. 

She will so be missed by me, by my mom, by my grandma and grandpa, by so many people.  Lord help us all if we ever try to forget her though, I have a feeling that she will come down and so something to jolt our memories if we do.  J  How could you forget, her.  She was, after all the life of the party and we will miss her so so so very much.  SO MUCH!  

I <3 you TT……..

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